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Water, Fire, Wind

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As cooler weather drives us indoors, a fireplace sets a calm ambiance for gathering as a family to chat, read stories, and appreciate its glow. Of course, even though the fireplace invites tranquility, as parents and caregivers of small children, we all know that fire is dangerous. The following tips can help families prevent fireplace damage or injury by promoting safety.

When an outdoor sewage spill occurs, it’s important to know what actions to take. It is never a convenient time to experience an outdoor sewage spill, but what matters the most is how you act. You need to evaluate the situation quickly, get your personal protection ready, and secure the area. Let’s review these steps in detail.

When electrical power is disrupted, the potential exists for costly damage. Whether it’s lightning from a thunderstorm, the strong winds of a tornado or the heavy snows of a blizzard, powerful storms can cause blackouts, brownouts, and other electrical disruptions.

While you can’t control the weather, you can safeguard your valuable appliances and electronics against the threat of a power disruption. Following these tips can save time and potentially expensive replacement costs.

Here's a list of ten common home renovation mistakes made by homeowners:

While summer is a great time to enjoy much-needed rest and relaxation, it also is a good time for completing house projects – especially if you have upcoming travel plans. Taking time to complete maintenance on your home can prevent damage if severe weather conditions occur while you’re away from home. Here are four essential summer home check-ups:

When it comes to fine tuning your older home’s efficiency, a simple solution is to take a look at your home’s windows and install new ones if necessary.

Flood waters can be very damaging to your home and your health. Exposure to mold can lead to asthma attacks, eye and skin irritation, and allergic reactions. It can lead to severe infections in people with weakened immune systems. Flood water may carry sewage or chemicals into your home. This contaminated water could expose you or your family to viruses, bacteria, disease carriers (such as mosquitos), parasites, and mold. You can protect yourself and your family by following these steps:

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