Water Damage Prevention for Travelers

While summer is a great time to enjoy much-needed rest and relaxation, it also is a good time for completing house projects – especially if you have upcoming travel plans. Taking time to complete maintenance on your home can prevent damage if severe weather conditions occur while you’re away from home. Here are four essential summer home check-ups:

Prevent Water Damage

  • Start with your foundation by checking your basement for cracks and leaks. Build up dirt or place grades outside your house to direct water away from the foundation. If the dirt has settled around your house, water will start running toward your home. As a general rule, a grade of one-inch-per-foot will ensure proper water runoff.

  • Check your gutters for breaks or low spots that allow water to pool near the house. These leaks will eventually erode the area underneath the damaged gutters, leaving water close to your foundation. While inspecting your gutters, check the downspouts. You’ll want to direct water away from your house by three feet or more. This can be done with a gutter extension or splashguard. Don’t forget to remove leaves and debris as well.

  • Inspect your trim around windows and doors for cracks, leaks, or wear in the caulking. Replacing the worn caulk will protect your house from leaks that result in mold and wood rot.