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/html/index.html subz3r0: I'm trying to do that on a virtual machine philsf: And you can "just" remove the PC firmware files from your Windows. So is it safe to use http instead of https when making a program where all your traffic is encrypted bekks: no way to install just to chroot a different kernel? Amir_Ahmadi: ok. no error message is sugjestable philsf: Huh? philsf: No. bekks: or another kernel entirely philsf: Why would you want to install just to chroot a kernel? bekks: I want to boot a different kernel, from which I can start a different kernel on recovery mode, if need be. philsf: And in which situation? bekks: what is the difference between a regular kernel and a chroot kernel? bekks: before the device can boot and decide if it wants to boot the new kernel subz3r0: The first one uses grub for booting. The second one uses grub for booting. how can i see all pending changes in a bzr branch? philsf: Thats not how booting works. subz3r0: the kernel is loaded by GRUB which enables some kind of system rescue operation bekks: ok hey guys what is the name of the xubuntu support channel Guest80088: this is the xubuntu support channel. thx bekks: well, that's what I'm doing, only the device can't decide whether to boot the new kernel, so recovery mode is out of the question.




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Xforcekeygenautodeskinventor201313 aldiidal

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