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With the years of experience and over 40,000 jobs completed, SunGlo construction skills are second to none. We have our own on-site carpentry facility to ensure that your possessions are restored with the highest quality of care and craftsmanship as soon as possible.

What You Can Expect From SunGlo
  • Roof repair and replacement

  • Masonry and siding repairs

  • Full window or glass replacement

  • Door replacement

  • Drywall repair and replacement

  • Painting and wallpapering

  • Interior door/trim repair and replacement

  • Acoustical ceiling replacement

  • Floor covering replacement

  • water damage wood restoration

  • And many other maintenance and construction services

"As many know, large insurance claims are no fun. Fortunately, the guys at SunGlo did a wonderful job. Lourenzo was more than attentive and kept my up-to-date during the whole process. He did a great job managing my expectations and didn’t sugarcoat anything. I highly recommend using their services."

"When I called SunGlo I had been dealing with another Restoration company and not receiving good service. I was frustrated beyond belief! My home had been torn up for months. Gene eased my mind by coming in and taking control of the situation. Within a couple of months everything was back in order and the results were amazing. I had a whole new floor throughout my kitchen and living room area, the drywall was done and the house was painted to perfection. Gene and his team guided me through this whole process. Everytime I had a question or a concern, Karen from customer service would take care of it. I always knew they would get the job done. I am definitely a satisfied customer and would recommend them to everyone.

Thank you SunGlo you made my home beautiful again!"

Get the help you need
with the peace of mind you deserve

SunGlo has helped many families and businesses in the metro Detroit Area just like yours get back on track faster than they thought possible.

We are here to restore your property and your peace of mind.

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