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Residential-fire-water-wind-mold (1).jpg
Residential-fire-water-wind-mold (1).jpg
Residential-fire-water-wind-mold (1).jpg
Residential-fire-water-wind-mold (1).jpg
Mold Remediation-59.jpg

Molds are microscopic organisms that are found in abundance. However, when excess mold growth occurs, exposure to you, your family or employees becomes harmful, and in some cases, toxic. Indoor mold exposure can leave you with respiratory problems, nausea, nasal and sinus congestion, chronic fatigue, skin irritation, and possible fever.

If you are in need of mold removal services, contact us immediately and we'll get to work on making sure it is eradicated safely and efficiently so that it never returns.

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Our Steps to Mold Remediation


  • Discover the source

  • Review of any report or findings

  • Survey of the property


  • Meter readings, pictures, and accounts are compiled

  • Previous test results compared


  • Determine a course of action tailored for the client’s unique issue

  • Remediation

  • Consultation on preventative measures and upkeep

Water Extraction

  • Fixing the source of the problem

  • Extracting humidity and excess moisture from surfaces and area


  • Complete removal performed by highly qualified professionals.

  • Sealants and anti-fungal coating


  • Aftercare in the form of ongoing de-humidification

  • Making sure you are set up to make sure it never happens again.

Called out the SunGlo Disaster Restoration crew to help with a fire/flood clean-up at a High-Rise apartment complex. The Crew was on site fast to access the situation, moved quick dry out and clean all the affected areas from smoke and water damage. Will definitely call again for future help!

The SunGlo team is simply excellent. They are reliable communicators devoted to the highest quality of customer care. There is always a leap of faith when you engage a service team: will they show up? will they do a great job? will they honor their estimate? will they respect my home? will they return my call? SunGlo is a resounding YES on all counts. We took the recommendation of Doctor Drain when we made the call to SunGlo, and are glad we did! The headache of a flooded basement was resolved painlessly and quickly by SunGlo's team of top-notch, caring professionals.

Get the help you need
with the peace of mind you deserve

SunGlo has helped many businesses just like yours get back on track faster than they thought possible.

We are here to restore your property and your peace of mind.

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