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Continuing Education & Classes

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Education at SunGlo

We are the company that trains the professionals. Our Southeast Michigan Advanced Restoration Training Center provides on-going education for employees, agents, adjusters, other insurance professionals, property managers, occupational therapists, risk managers, facility managers, and IICRC members.

What to Expect From The SMART Center

Our unique and innovative training approach allows us to replicate an environment in which structural damage would occur. We teach how to determine the correct amount of equipment needed to efficiently complete the drying of the building. Our certified training crews flood the SMART Center and then dry out all areas using different methods utilizing the newest technology and industry standards. Open wall areas allow the participants to actually see how drying equipment produces airflow to thoroughly dry a wall interior. The effectiveness of these methods is proven by the fact that the facility has been flooded repeatedly throughout the years without having to replace any of the structural materials.

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