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A customized plan 

TODAY for when you

need us TOMORROW

When the Unexpected Happens, Time is Critical.
At Sunglo Services, we understand this. That's why we've developed our Disaster Shield Pre-Emergency Plan. Disaster Shield has been developed based on three decades of experience as specialists in facility emergency response and repair.
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Response Time

Reduce Cost &

Impact on Your


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This plan is designed to coordinate with your current Disaster Response Plan to minimize the severity of loss. Having critical information and procedures in place will aid in responding to an emergency quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to align and combine our efforts with yours to improve communication, response time and ultimately reduce the cost of damage and downtime.

With Disaster Shield you have:

  • A customized program developed to reduce liability and loss through documented procedures and thorough training of your key staff. We will assist in identifying your specific needs and concerns and create a plan that meets them.

  • A disaster information outline that collects critical data. It will be complied to be accessible at your finger tips and at ours in case of an emergency.

  • On-going education to prepare your staff to deal with emergencies efficiently and effectively. Examples of our training include: First Aid (medical, injury, emergency or environmental) Evacuation, Fire Ward, CPR, Water Extraction & Structural Drying, and Mold Remediation.

  • Immediate disaster response service that gives you priority for our complete 24/7/365 online emergency service.

  • Tips on how to deal with the small emergencies you want to handle and to act as a guideline to help you decide when you should call us.

  • Insurance coverage designed to cover our commercial clients in a variety of emergencies, such as lead, asbestos, and mold & chemical handling.

  • Upfront pricing for the current year that fixes your cost for emergency services and equipment.

  • An annual review to evaluate and update your Disaster Shield Pre-Emergency Plan.

  • The use of our training facility (The SMART Center) for training your employees and for continuing education (CE) credits.


Disaster Shield

Pre-Emergency Plan

The biggest issues we have when we come in to help clients get their lives back on track, are simple to avoid. This PDF outlines all the ways you can get started now, so that things are a breeze when you finally call for help.

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