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Customer Service in Restoration Requires Special Consideration

Customer service is important in every industry, and plays a big part in separating businesses from the competition. When it comes to restoration however, customer service plays an even more vital role. Restoration experts work with their clients’ most valuable assets: their homes and businesses. No other asset has more sentimental value than homes and businesses. Moreover, restoration experts always arrive after widespread damage or a disaster takes place. Understanding the specific challenges of customer service in restoration will not only help the business stand out, but also make unforgettable impacts in clients’ lives.

High Emotions

After a client’s home is destroyed by flood, fire or another disaster they will be understandably emotional. Even more than their home, they may have lost heirlooms, keepsakes, and other irreplaceable valuables. Some will have suffered injuries or even lost loved ones. While it is important to maintain professional conduct, empathy is also essential. Staying calm, patiently explaining and reiterating the restoration work, showing confidence, and reassuring the client will make the job easier and give the individual or family much-needed comfort during a difficult time.

High Stakes

No possession is more valuable than a person’s home. And while other post-disaster purchases completely replace a damaged item, restoration is about rebuilding the original. Some homeowners or business owners might prefer upgrades to their home, which might not be covered under insurance. Others might emphasize the need to rebuild custom woodwork or replace custom fixtures exactly. Whether to maintain accuracy for insurance purposes or to rebuild custom work for sentimental value, it is important to appreciate the original state of the home or business and hold true to form.

High Costs

Restoration is a business and the expenses, time, and returns on every project must be considered to make the business successful. However, to the client, it is not a project, an asset, or a job; it is their home. When conferring with the client, small word choices and thoughtful consideration can make a big difference. Showing appreciation for the client’s emotional investment will show a desire to do a good job, not just get the job done, and it will make every future interaction smoother.

SunGlo Restoration Services strives to make the restoration process as easy and painless for the client as possible. We know how difficult it is to lose a home or business, and we work with our customers every step of the way to ensure there is no worry, confusion, or misunderstandings. We take great pride in our customer service, and our satisfied clients have helped us to grow our business each year.

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