Keep Your Home Free from Disaster This Summer

Summertime is anything but time to relax when it comes to staying vigilant and avoiding property damage. From flash floods, to hot grills, the summer is full of risks, but if you follow these tips you're sure to be one step ahead!


The U.S. Fire Administration reports that around 5,700 grill fires take place every year, causing an average of $37 million in damage, 100 injuries and 10 deaths. Malfunctioning grills are the largest culprit of grill fires. In addition, thousands of people visit emergency rooms every year due to burns sustained while barbecuing.

Keep your fire extinguisher near by, and grill out in the open next time you fire it up. Once you're finished with your grill, keep an eye on it while it cools down, and be sure to only store it once it has cooled down.