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Restoring Custom Woodwork After Fire or Flood

The things that make a house a home are often the fine touches that you put on yourself. Custom woodwork, custom cabinets, ornate moldings, closets that are just the right size—all these things suit your lifestyle and make your home unique. Sadly, these items are also the first to go when fires or floods strike. Custom woodwork is highly susceptible to fire damage, water damage, and mold. A professional, experienced restoration company with skilled staff can restore your custom woodwork and bring your home back to its original condition. SunGlo Services will take you through the process required to restore custom woodwork.


Before restoration can begin, it is important to know how much and what type of damages have occurred. Restoration after water damage and restoration after fire damage require different techniques. Areas not in the central flood or fire area may suffer only surface damages and can be restored more easily.


Undamaged pieces from other rooms can show how banisters, molding, cabinets or closets looked before the damages occurred. If undamaged pieces are not available, pictures can also show the original state of the property. If neither of these comparisons are available, the homeowners can select custom woodwork examples that most resemble the original woodwork.


If the woodwork was not in the central disaster area, the damages might be limited to the surface. Minor smoke damage or water damage can be removed from the wood, and the surface can be refinished to restore the integrity and appearance of the piece. This restoration method maintains the original quality of the wood and the original shape of the structure.


Wood that is exposed to the main damage area may be completely incinerated or eaten away, requiring a rebuild. All our millwork is done in-house, not outsourced, giving us control over every aspect of the rebuild. Our staff is experienced with all types of custom woodwork, from the smallest and most intricate details to expansive custom closets or cabinets, and everything in between.

With over 35 years of restoration experience, SunGlo Services conducts each of these steps with the utmost care, while still working in an efficient schedule. Your home or business will be restored quickly so you can get back to your normal routine, and you will be back in a space that feels familiar.

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