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Water Damaged Home Checklist

With temperatures warming the snow is slowly melting, and the hope is that sunny spring is right around the corner. With the saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” it is safe to say that we should expect warm weather precipitation in the coming months. While short periods of rain are very beneficial to the environment, long periods of rain can cause major issues such as damaging floods. If your home is threatened with flooding issues, the following is a helpful checklist to limit water damage. Keep this checklist as a reference to utilize before the experts of SunGlo Disaster Restoration Specialists arrive to resolve any water issues.

  • Shut off the water main to stop flooding from leaky appliances, burst pipes, or backed-up drains.

  • Turn off the electrical breaker before removing electronics and appliances from flooded areas, even if the carpet is only slightly damp. DO NOT attempt to turn on the lights while working in a flood-damaged home.

  • Take pictures before restoration begins to document the damage for insurance purposes.

  • Wear protective clothing during cleanup, including rubber boots and gloves, to avoid coming in contact with contaminants.

  • Place squares of aluminum foil under furniture legs to prevent permanently staining the carpet.

  • Lift curtains and tack up furniture skirts to keep these textiles away from the wet carpet.

  • Discard food and kitchenware that have come in contact with floodwater, including canned food, sealed water bottles, and cutlery.

  • If possible cover the roof with a tarp and board up the windows to prevent further damage from continued rains until you can have these areas permanently repaired.

  • Call your insurance company to begin the claims process.

The efforts you make immediately after your house floods are vital in starting the restoration process as fast as possible. However, you shouldn’t delay seeking help from a professional, such as SunGlo Disaster Restoration Specialists to restore your home.

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